Thursday, February 16, 2017

Day 12 on Captiva

Took an early morning walk on the beach hoping to find some shells after the rain yesterday, but to no avail.  Click on arrow below to view the beach at that time of morning.  If you open this post in email, you will need to go directly to my blog to view a video. Link at bottom of email.


Back to the cottage for coffee with Al on the porch.  

It was a quiet morning even with the construction on the house(mansion) next door.  Al had an appointment for a therapeutic massage at "Tween Waters Spa at 10:00.  After he returned we had tuna salad sandwiches with chips and iced tea on the porch.  We spent time at the beach reading and relaxing.

Dinner tonight was at Lazy Flaming for a casual dinner at the bar about 5:30.  We got there just before the crowd came and watched the sunset from our seats at the bar.   Al ordered the fried grouper basket with fries and coleslaw and I had the half Caesar salad with a skewer of shrimp.  We shared the dinners.  The couple next to us were there for the first time and we struck up a conversation about the food and other restaurants on the islands.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day 11 on Captiva

The morning began as usual with coffee and pastries and sunshine.   We read for awhile then had lunch.....a hot dog for Al and a chicken sandwich for me both with potato salad.  We settled in at the pool after lunch and enjoyed a swim before the clouds rolled in around 3:00.
Just as we landed back on the porch, the rain came in a torrential downpour, but we were nestled in on the porch with books and drinks while enjoying the sounds of the rain.  It rained off and on the rest of afternoon.
 Sharing a picture that Al made of the Eagle watching the nest:
For dinner, I made beef stroganoff with last night's leftovers using fresh mushrooms, onions, garlic, broth and sour cream.  I served over pasta with green salad.  It was a good night to stay in for dinner at the cottage. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day on Captiva (Day 10)

Day began early on this cloudy Valentine's Day.  Temps are warm but no sun in sight.  Quiet morning on the porch with coffee and pastries.  Breakfast was poached eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice,  and grapefruit.  Wrote a quick post with pictures to this blog.   Sun came out around noon so  we went for a swim at the pool and sat outside until the sun went behind the clouds about 3:00.
 I finished another book Prodigal Son by Daniele Steel and Al finished Kill or Be Killed by James Patterson.

We spent the day exchanging Valentine cards through the day that we placed all around the cottage.

We had drinks on the porch at 4:30.  We stayed in for Valentine's Dinner as the restaurants are always so crowded on this holiday,   Al prepared delicious beef filets and I tossed a Caesar salad that we enjoyed with baked potato and rolls.  Al popped the cork on a bottle of Champagne to drink with dinner. Enjoyed by candlelight on the porch on a lovely warm evening.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Day 9 on Captiva

Today began a little cloudy.  Enjoyed coffee and sweet rolls on the porch.  I spent some time writing on this blog and Al was on his computer.  After early brunch  we went to Timbers to buy some filets for dinner tomorrow night.  We decided to swing through Ding Darling on the way back and we just happened to have our cameras. Lot of birds were feeding at the low tide and lot of people and fishermen  on the drive.  I got some photos of birds having lunch.

 White pelicans were in abundance.

 A flock of Willets hanging out on one of the islands.
 We spent the afternoon at the pool swimming and reading.
We watched the eagles at the nest from the gazebo.
Tonight, we had a casual picnic supper.  Al grilled beef Hot Dogs ( Hebrew National) and I made some great Potato Salad. Served with fresh sliced tomatoes and green beans. I only let Al have hot dogs on rare occasions but he loves hot dogs and sausages of all kinds.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Day 8 on Captiva

Early to rise on this Sunday morning.  We headed to the Farmer's Market about 9:00 to shop for tomatoes and other fresh veggies. We bought green beans, garlic, oranges, arugula, mushrooms, and more mozzarella cheese (homemade by Pete).  Al bought me a dozen beautiful pink roses.

We had breakfast at Jerry's Café .. ..Al had eggs, sausage, hash browns, and rye toast and I had half eggs Benedict with fresh fruit.
The café entrance had been remodeled slightly since last year with the addition of a Coffee shop.  After all these years, we found it more convenient to park underneath the store adjacent to stairs and elevator and easier to access the pickup area.  We shopped at Jerry's for some supplies and bought prepared Crab Cakes at the seafood market ready to cook.  Traffic was very heavy on Periwinkle going both directions when we drove back to the cottage....typical for this time of the season.
We spent some time at the beach and this was the best day so far....not too hot, just right as Goldilocks might say. There were shore birds but not yet in the numbers as last year.  More people too but not at all crowded.  After a stay in the sun, we headed back to poolside and Al served gin 'n' tonics. 


While I was photographing birds, I caught Al photographing this bird with his phone camera:
Tonight we had a candlelight dinner on the porch.  I served Crab Cakes that I gave my own touch by coating with Panko Crumbs before frying.  I made green beans that I steamed and added a touch of olive oil and basil.  The dinner was completed with a Caprese salad of fresh tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella and a drizzle of balsamic and oil dressing.   This was my favorite meal that I have prepared since being here.  Everything was delicious, even if I say so!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Day 7 on Captiva

Cannot believe a week has passed since we arrived. Another lazy day on Captiva.  Enjoyed coffee and blueberry muffin on the porch.  Finished reading another book A Perfect Life by Danielle Steel.  We had early lunch of sandwiches and chips with fresh strawberries on the porch.  Al has been busy selecting his picks for the races at Northfield Park tonight.  We spent the afternoon poolside reading and napping.  Edgardo and his wife Norma were here to clean the cottage and grounds.

The eagle chick seems about ready to fledge since he spends a lot of time flapping his wings.  The eagles have been much quieter than I thought they would be....not nearly as noisy as ospreys in their nests.

Tonight for dinner, I made Chicken Puttanesca with Linguini, one of Al's favorites.  Served with green salad. Enjoyed on the porch where he watched the Northfield races on the computer. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Day 6 on Captiva

Friday morning was a bit the 50's.  Having  a cold front moving through. Al sat on the porch but I stayed inside and worked on the computer.  I served breakfast/brunch of mushroom omelet, rye toast, and fresh strawberries inside.   I spent some time taking some photos of the eagle nest.

Around 1:30, we drove to the Island Store for supplies and liquor and to the post office to mail a card.  Back to the cottage and then off to sun and read on the beach. 

For dinner we decided it was time to eat at the Lazy Flamingo, our favorite "dive" on the island.  We went at 5:30 to miss the rush after the sun sets.  We had our choice of seats at the bar, the best place to sit in this place and we could even see the sunset from our seats.  Everyone has to order at the bar and then pick up your food when your name is called.  Sitting at the bar is more convenient since your order is served to you.

We began with a dozen ice cold fresh oysters on the half shell. Some of the best on the islands.  We shared  peel & eat shrimp with cocktail sauce and  mesquite-grilled grouper served with Caesar salad and Flamingo garlic bread.  The half order of the salad was enough to share.