Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day 20 Captiva

Another cool day spent doing "not much of anything". Al took early walk and then we had some coffee and pastries. I spent some time blogging. We went to dock and sat for couple hours early afternoon watching birds and boaters and fishermen. Bayside is so different now that the Blind Pass is opened again. It is really is too cool to sit on beach but not too bad on the dock since it is a sunny day. Spent rest of day reading and napping. Made a card for a challenge using Photoshop.

Ate in again tonight...pan grilled rib eye steak and had couscous and salad as sides. Fell asleep again watching winter olympics.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 19 Captiva

Same weather today...cold and windy. Not much going on today. Al took a walk after coffee. In the afternoon we walked on the beach.....not many people out but most were bundled up to keep warm. We saw 4 kinds of terns...Royal Terns, Caspian Terns, Sandwich Terns, Forster's Terns as well asBlack Skimmers. It is great to see that the waterway is opened again under the bridge separating Sanibel and Captiva. This is the second time since we have been visiting that this opening had to be recreated. We hope it will remain this way since it is such a major operation to do.
Tonight we prepared salmon with a mustard glaze, rice, and asparagus for dinner. Thanks to Al for his cooking and cleaning up every night. I try to help but not that much I can do.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Day 18 Captiva


We were up early today and at DDWR for a drive by 7:30. Sunny morn and not many on the drive this early. Not a great many birds to see but enjoyed the ones we did spot. Seems to be more woodstorks this spring and many roseates at a distance. After drive we had brunch at Island Cow....a busy place with a lot of families. Al had the stuffed French toast and I had eggs and sausage. Served with potatoes, grits, muffins, and fruit. Made stop at Bailey's for salmon, steak, salad,etc for dinners this week. We have decided we prefer Jerry's to shop since they have better produce and wider selections. Made another quick drive thru DDWR...more people and less birds but got a few good photos on 2nd run. Tonight made another filet with wine sauce, baked potato and salad. 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 17 Captiva

Today was another lazy day...just relaxing and hanging out. Al took a walk...up to 3 miles. Cooked in...made pasta with shrimp, asparagus, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, and garlic. Served with salad. That's all folks!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 16 Captiva

Today is Valentine's Day
 Al made breakfast of cheese omelet, bacon and toast. We then left about 10:00 to go to the Arts and Crafts Show....there was a crowd even though it was on the cold side. Dressed warm in jeans and jackets. Had a lot of jewelry and pottery vendors...not as diversified as in the past. We then went to Tahitian Gardens for the Farmer's Market that is held every Sunday through April. Bought some bread ....we were kind of late to come.....some booths sold out. Will have to come again but earlier. Tonight we prepared our Valentine's dinner instead of going out since restaurants are always very busy and often overbooked. We had beef tenderloin with wine sauce, asparagus with balsamic, baked potatoes, and caeser salad. Was very good..enjoyed the evening meal with Antinori Pinot Noir 2007.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 15 Captiva

The rain has stopped and it is sunny today. We had early coffee and drove to DDWR to take advantage of the sunny day. We then went into Sanibel for brunch at The Sanibel Cafe....Al had bagel with lox and I had tomato slices with tuna salad, fruit,and muffin. This is a great restaurant for breakfast and lunch. Shopped the stores here at Tahitian Gardens. New place, Adventures in Paradise, has beautiful clothes, books, and cigars but also sells boating excursions and adventures. Carries Orvis, Patagonia, Exofficio, etc. Al bought jacket and shirt for me for Valentine's. We then went to Jerry's for provisions for Valentine's dinner. Also went to H2O Outfitters where we bought Al's Valentine gift, shirt in a print with wine bottles, which we had seen earlier and he loved it. Saw Wanda who has managed several stores we have shopped over the years. Has been with H2O outfitters for the past few years. Traffic was very heavy on Sanibel because of the Arts and Crafts Show at the Community Center. Ended up going to Lazy Flamingo for dinner. Shared oysters on the half shell, caeser salad and ribs with fries. Was not that busy for a Sat night but we did go early...before 6:00.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Day 14 Captiva

Rainy Day
Today it rained all day...was not a great day to be outside. We spent day reading, watching old movies on TV, and on the computer. We had lunch of sandwiches. We cooked dinner of grouper coated with panko crumbs and pan fried. Was an uneventful day.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 13 Captiva

Bailey Tract and DDWR

Thursday, we went to Bailey Tract early for a walk. As we walked into the tract we were greeted by a huge flock of tree swallows...must have been hundreds of was almost black with birds.....they stretched across overhead as they swarmed over the trees and water ponds. We saw only a few other birds...was in 40's again this am but warmed to the high 60's in the sun. Spotted blue herons, tricolored herons, grebes, coots, vultures,and ibis. Was surprised by the many butterflies we saw. A large alligator, about 10 feet, was sunning near the path...too close for comfort.

Made stop at Timbers Fish Market and bought snapper, grouper, and shrimp.

Next we drove through DDWR...lot of people on drive. On ponds, there were not that many wading birds...mostly ibis. Spotted yellow-crowned night heron in brush and group of roseates sunning on a dead branch in water. Along the edge of one water area, we spotted a short billed dowitcher ...could see up close. First time sighting for this bird. They feed on the mudflats probing the ground with a sewing machine like motion. At another stop along the drive, we saw red-bellied woodpecker, catbird, cardinal, gnatcather, and unidentified warblers. Birds were scarce but still had eventful drive.

Home to enjoy peel'n'eat shrimp with drinks. We made dinner of pan sauteed yellowfin snapper with rice and salads. Very good.

Pictures of birds to follow on another post.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 12 Captiva

Another quiet day. Cold temps outside. In 40's early this am but warmed up to 70. Stayed in but I did go down to beach early about 7am to check for shells since it was very windy last night. I bundled up and layered with clothes to stay warm. But no shells did I find. Al took walk later when sun had warmed a bit.

Tonight we did carry out from Lazy Flamingo for dinner. Al had mesquite grilled chicken sandwich with fries and I had a hamburger with fries.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 11 Captiva

Drive through DDWR
We were up early this morning for coffee and bagels. We headed to DDWR about 8AM to check out birds. As we drove in to parking lot, we spotted a hawk, 2 opreys, and red-bellied woodpeckers. One of pictures Al made there is the osprey in the tree. Lot of wading birds were feeding including ibis, blue herons, white and brown pelicans, woodstorks, roseate spoonbills, snowy egrets, great egrets, great white herons, and great blue herons. Ducks we saw were grebes and blue winged teals. Lot more seen including sandpipers, gulls, kingfisher, opreys, etc.Was low tide so great timing for birding. After drive, we went to Amy's Over Easy for brunch...Al had Bagel and Lox Plate and I had tomato stuffed with tuna salad. Made stop at Tarpon Bay to take at look of view. Was going to beach next but clouds started to form. Dinner tonight at Doc's Ford. Shared some oysters on the half shell. I ordered calamari salad and Al had Bahamian Stlye Roast Shrimp with skewered pineapple, red peppers, zucchni, and red onions. Not very busy when we arrived about 5:30...we did call ahead but no waiting for a table.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 10 Captiva

Another cool and cloudy day. Spent day inside. Al went into Sanibel to buy a few groceries and do some errands. I made some cards using Photoshop. We cooked salmon with rice and salad for dinner. Most of day spent reading and surfing the net, not the waves.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 9 Captiva

Super Bowl Sunday - Lazy day here...on the cool side today. Al walked early but for just a short distance. We spent day reading and I did some blogging. We cooked in and watched the game. We made shrimp scampi with pasta and a salad. The Saints beat the Colts, an upset!

Captiva Cemetery and Chapel of the Sea

Some Captiva History:
Al and I visited the Captiva Cemetery and Chapel by the Sea on Saturday afternoon. Located adjacent to the Captiva Chapel by the Sea, the cemetery is on a portion of land originally homesteaded by William Binder and bought from him in 1900 by Ann Emma Brainard (daughter of Hattie E. and Herbert D. Brainard) because this was her favorite spot to watch the sunsets. She died the following year of tetanus and was buried on her small parcel of land along the Gulf of Mexico. Her parents later bought the land surrounding her grave and donated it to the islanders as a cemetery. Her grave is shown above.

  Her Father and Brother's Graves

The Chapel of the Sea located near the cemetery was built in 1903 and was originally Captiva's first schoolhouse built on land donated by William Herbert Binder. It also served as the community church when the circuit preacher was on the island. In 1917, the school ceased to be a school and in 1921 it became a Methodist Church. A group of Captiva residents purchased the property back in 1948 and changed it to a interdenominatonal church called the Chapel by the Sea. Services are held from November through April.

Day 8,Sat, Feb 6

Today was another cloudy and cool day...spent most of the morning inside. After late breakfast, we walked out on the beach...very windy. Saw a kite surfer-see picture. We drove to South Seas shops and stopped at Captiva Grocery. Ran into Mike and Elaine. Then we visited the Captiva Cemetery and Chapel by the Sea (separate post about this).

Had drinks and chips with salsa after our trip. Decided to eat nearby at Lazy Flamingo so we left about 5:30 to beat the crowd. Ate at the bar from where we could see the unexpected perk. Al had ribs with fries and slaw and I had the grouper basket with same sides. Very Good food. Guy at bar not as fun or as efficient as the staff last year

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 7, Friday, Feb 5

Today was to be a beach day but was too cloudy for that. Spent most of am inside. Had lunch of soup and sandwich. Decided to go shopping...Al's shoes that he ordered at Lime Tree were in so we picked those up then shopped the Periwinkle Shops. While there it began to pour rain so we stayed til it stopped. Al found Woolrich fleece on sale and I bought "Life is Good" tee at Synergy. Found a Beegie Adair CD at Pandora's.
Stopped at Timbers and bought Yellowfin Snapper for dinner. Pan sauteed that and made baked potatoes and grapefruit and greens salad for dinner. Al is becoming head chef and clean up person. I was very tired at the end of the day after being so active.

Day 6, Thurs, Feb 4

Al did early walk. Came back with pastries from store. Today we did the "lecture tour". We went to DDWR for talk by "Bird" Westall, a popular canoe tour guide on the island. Talk began at 1:00 but parking was almost full when we arrived shortly after noon. Had a fullhouse in the auditorium. He spoke about the island and wildlife but was almost too political blaming man for all the loss of wildlife and discussing his personal beliefs. Enjoyed more when he talked about the birds and animal behavior. Went to Doc Ford's for late lunch of crabcake and mussels. The crabcake was not best I have had...too thick and had too many ingredients like corn, carrots. We then did quick drive thru DDWR. Home to have a drink and headed to Sanibel Community Center around 6:00 for the Audoubon guest speakers - Dick Fortune and Sara Lopez,nature photographers from Miami. They showed slideshow of their photos and talked about photography techniques and equipment. They have been featured in many books and calendars, including Sanibel-Captiva Calendars.
Afterwards,we went to Island Cow for late dinner. I ordered the fried calamari basket and Al had fried oyster basket.Filled our quota of fried food for awhile. Disappointed that the hushpuppies were tough and overcooked.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 5, Wed, Feb 3

Today aound noon we took drive through DDWR and made pictures. A few of pics are shown below. After drive, we went to Lazy Flamingo for oysters on the half shell and beer for late lunch. We then cooked
dinner of frozen Bertolli pasta with shrimp and salad. Having to compromise on dinners at home by using frozen dinners.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Day 4, Tues, Feb 2

Another rainy day....had a lot of rain all morn. Spent most of day on the porch watching it rain, reading, surfing the web. Early coffee and pastries. Lunch of turkey sandwiches and chips. Afternoon of napping and reading. Early dinner at Timbers...left about 5 and beat the dinner traffic.. no wait for a table. Al dined on yellowfin snapper with veggies and baked potato and I had shrimp platter - garlic shrimp, crunchy shrimp, and baked stuffed shrimp with sweet potato...yum! Early to bed again. Hope for sunshine tomorrow.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 3, Monday, Feb 1

Another cool and wet day! Rained early. Al did a short walk to get a paper. Coffee and pastries on the porch but almost too cool outside. Blogged some and then lunch of calm chowder and chicken sanwich. We went shopping at Lime Tree...Al ordered new shoes and I bought pair at Footloose. Quick stop at Jerry's for missed items. Also checked out new location of 3 Crafty Ladies but not many stamping items. After resting and drinks,we made dinner of chicken puttanesca with spaghetti and salad. Al is becoming the cook and cleanup staff as he had to do the chopping,etc. I think he misses being waited on as usual. Have not been on the beach as yet...too cool!

Beginning of Stay in Captiva Feb 2010

Hello from Captiva, FL. Arrived here on Saturday after driving since Thurs. When we left from OH early Thurs, it was snowing lightly. We stopped for the night at my brother's in Norris, TN. We left there on Fri am before the snow arrived.....they had 4-6" snow across the state of TN but we were driving ahead of it. Stayed Fri night in Ocala, FL and arrived to 70 degree temps in Captiva. A far change from the temps in OH. My DH drove most of the way but I did some driving to relieve him.

Thanks to all who have sent wishes for a speedy recovery. Doctor says my broken wrist is healing nicely....changed my cast before we left for our trip...went from party pink (for Mom's party) to tropical blue for the beach!! LOL! I am able to walk without as much pain as my right knee is healing too. Guess if I cannot do much of anything but rest, sunny Florida is the place to be. It takes so long for me to type, I cannot even do much of that. But I will try to post about our stay here.

My Mother's 90th birthday on Jan 17th was a huge success.....over 110 of her relatives and friends attended including all her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was on "cloud 9" and had a grand time.

I really miss stamping and making cards but will be following your cards and challenges from FL. At least I can think about ones that I would have made.....When this cast comes off, I'll be making tons of cards ....letting all my stored up creativity flow

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Day 2 Sunday, Jan 31

Today, we settled in. Had coffee on porch but was a bit chilly. Had grapefruit and bagels for breakfast. Drove thru DDWR around is cool and cloudy. Stopped at Bailey's for more groceries and then to Captiva for liquor that we forgot at Bailey's. Found prices were cheaper there. Had drinks with cheese and crackers, then cooked dinner of Ribeye, baked potatoes and salad. Dessert was mango-lime pie from Publix's. Another early night.
Picture of Roseates Spoonbills with a Cormorant at DDWR.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 1 Saturday Jan 30

Stayed Friday night in Ocala. Had great dinner at Olive Garden near the Best Western. Al had Chianti Short Ribs with mushroom risotto and green beans. I had Short Ribs in sauce over tortillino. Both enjoyed endless salad bowl with house dressing. Early to bed and left at 8:30 am Sat morn after breakfast at the poolhouse. Overcast and scattered rain showers on drive to Captiva. I was able to drive part way. We stopped at Publix for provisions before going over the causeway. Arrived at house about 3:30. Margarethe and Rene gave Al help unpacking car. We had dinner at Crow's Nest.....been remodeled but still has fireplace. Main dining room closed for a wedding party. We both ate Lobster Cake Sandwich with sweet potatoes fries. Early to bed!