Monday, February 1, 2010

Beginning of Stay in Captiva Feb 2010

Hello from Captiva, FL. Arrived here on Saturday after driving since Thurs. When we left from OH early Thurs, it was snowing lightly. We stopped for the night at my brother's in Norris, TN. We left there on Fri am before the snow arrived.....they had 4-6" snow across the state of TN but we were driving ahead of it. Stayed Fri night in Ocala, FL and arrived to 70 degree temps in Captiva. A far change from the temps in OH. My DH drove most of the way but I did some driving to relieve him.

Thanks to all who have sent wishes for a speedy recovery. Doctor says my broken wrist is healing nicely....changed my cast before we left for our trip...went from party pink (for Mom's party) to tropical blue for the beach!! LOL! I am able to walk without as much pain as my right knee is healing too. Guess if I cannot do much of anything but rest, sunny Florida is the place to be. It takes so long for me to type, I cannot even do much of that. But I will try to post about our stay here.

My Mother's 90th birthday on Jan 17th was a huge success.....over 110 of her relatives and friends attended including all her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She was on "cloud 9" and had a grand time.

I really miss stamping and making cards but will be following your cards and challenges from FL. At least I can think about ones that I would have made.....When this cast comes off, I'll be making tons of cards ....letting all my stored up creativity flow

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