Saturday, January 30, 2016

Arrival on Captiva 2016

Today was the last leg of our trip about 250 miles from Ocala to Captiva.  We began with a breakfast at the pool house of eggs, link sausages, bagel, and muffins with juice and coffee.  The hostess, Darlene,  who had been here for all the years that we stayed here has left to open her own business in the mall.   We missed seeing her but her replacement was very friendly and helpful.  This breakfast spot is always busy with people passing through.

We left about 7:45 traveling all the way on I-75 S with one stop for gas.   We saw a lot of water in the medians and shoulders along all of I-75 from the recent heavy rains.   At one time a few weeks ago parts of I-75 were even flooded.  A lot of road construction going on most of the drive.  Luckily, we had sunny weather and a beautiful day for our drive and temps reaching in 70.

We arrived at Ft. Myers about 11:00.   We made a stop at the Sun Harvest store for juice, grapefruit, and oranges
 and then a stop for a car wash at  1st Class Car Center on Gladiolus Drive.

Next stop was lunch at Minerva's Bar and Grill near the Publix where we shop for groceries.   Sitting at the bar,  Al ordered  Grilled Chicken Sandwich topped with sautéed mushrooms, bacon, and provolone cheese with fries and I had Minerva’s Crab Cake Sandwich-homemade crab‏ cake with lettuce, tomato, and island sweet chili sauce and coleslaw.  Service was quick and food was very good.

Then we shopped at Publix for supplies.  We spent about an hour getting provisions including sushi and steak for dinner.  After spending $200+, we had most of what we needed but will buy produce tomorrow at the Farmer's Market.
The drive on to the island was smooth but traffic on the island was backed up in both directions, a sign that the season has started. We arrived at "our final destination" about 3:00.   Margarethe greeted us as we arrived and assisted us unpacking the car and taking things up the steps....very much appreciated her help.   Things were very much the same as last year but all new windows and sliding doors have been installed.  New toilets in the bathrooms and some new furnishings in the guest room.
We had a great trip this year with out any freezing weather or rain.  Just a few slow downs at  a couple spots and more road work ongoing on I-77.   Glad to have arrived safe and sound.
After unpacking and settling in,  we decided to cook a Bertolli freezer dinner served  with salad and hot roll for dinner rather than eating out or grilling.  Tried a Risotto with Roasted chicken-Italian rice and roasted white meat chicken with Portobello mushrooms and asparagus in a parmesan cheese cream sauce. Not bad! 

Lovely evening but a bit cool.  Looking forward to our first day on the island tomorrow.

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