Thursday, March 19, 2009

Arrived Home ...Happy to Be Here

Monday, March 16,2009
We left Norris at 8:45 after having coffee and bagels at Jack and Loy's. The first 2 hours of our drive were filled with rain and heavy, thick fog-the kind that you cannot see 20 feet in front of the car. I was driving about 45 mph while everyone else sped by at 70 mph. Somewhat nerve racking! It seemed like 4 hours of fog not 2 hours. Had rained until noon but skies were clear the rest of drive.

Made stop at Cinci for cigarettes and liquor. We were home aboout and sound. Everything looked good at home ...Thanks to Mike and Pam for watching over everything and stocking the kitchen with food and cookies. Unpacked the car and made a frozen dinner.....big change from what we had been eating. Always good to be home to our bears and our own bed.

This was a good 6 weeks in Captiva but we missed our family and friends who were with us in past years.

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