Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Trip Home Continues

Sunday, March 15
We had a complimentary breakfast of waffles, juice and coffee in the motel lobby and then left for the drive to Knoxville to visit Cecilia, Rob and Beth and our great nephew, Jacob who is now 10 days old. We met Cecilia at Stein Mart because she had to work today. While at the store, Al bought more shoes, 2 tee shirts,a shirt, and a grill press. After spending time with Cecilia and shopping, we drove to Rob and Beth's and met Jacob, who is a beautiful baby boy with lots of brown hair and undetermined eye color....maybe green or blue. Proud parents, Rob and Beth beamed with joy and pride.

We headed to Norris, TN about 25 miles north to visit Jack and Loy. We are spending the night at their friends' garage apartment where we have enjoyed staying before.
We had dinner at a local Mexican Restaurant that serves authentic food, not anything like a Taco Belle. Fave place of Jack and Loy's since it is so close and the food is great. Spent fun evening catching up with them and exchanging stories. They promised that will visit us soon and make the trip to Captiva next year.

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