Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 40 on Captiva

Tomorrow we leave! These 40 days have gone very quickly. We began some serious packing this morning and loading the car. Every thing was loaded except what we need for today and for our trip home. We had brunch around 11 on the porch...made omelet with corned beef. Al checked our reservations in Cartersville, GA. This was another beautiful day to spend on the beach for our last day. No dolphins today... and not many people either...just a quiet day relaxing with each other...sunning, walking and listening to the radio. Left beach about 4:30.

Rene invited us for a fish fry tonight. He and a couple from Toronto had been out fishing this morning and caught several sheephead which is a tropical climate fish. Also invited were Josh and Michelle, the couple from Toronto, and Ella. Rene did the deep frying of the fish in a beer batter. Margarethe served a first course of pasta and tomato sauce. She made a German tartar sauce made with finely chopped apple and sweet cucumber wafers for the fish and served a mixed green salad. Josh,a wine connoisseur, brought several bottles of white wine. The dinner was finished with a plate of cheeses and crackers. Dinner was can't get fresher fish than this!

The sun sets on our Captiva visit.

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