Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day 29 on Captiva

Sat, Mar 2

Today Cecilia flew home. We were up early and had coffee, OJ, and some toast before leaving for the airport about 9:00.  The line up to the security gate reached around the terminal area and probably took 2 hours or more to take care of all the passengers waiting.  Luckily we were early and Cecilia only had to stay in line about an hour before getting to security. Her flight from Ft. Myers was scheduled to leave at 12:45 but was delayed about an hour because of ice on planes in Charlotte. She was able to make her connection in Charlotte but it was close.  Once she bordered the plane in Charlotte, it was held up. She finally arrived home an hour later than scheduled. Next year we will schedule direct flights for both legs of the flight if possible.

On the way back to Captiva, we had the car washed in Ft. Myers, shopped at Publix, and stopped at the Outlet Mall to shop at the Polo Store.  Al bought some Polo Black items and I bought a couple of tees and a pair of pants. It did not warm up so we did not go outside  after coming home.

We had a late lunch of Sushi from Publix.  I prepared Shrimp Puttanesca for dinner...this is Al's favorite pasta dish and he has been asking for it for 4 weeks. So it was time to make for him. I served with an arugula salad and hot roll.

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