Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Day 32 on Captiva

Tues, Mar 5

It was only 46 degrees this morning. We need some hot weather! By 1:00 I had caught up with my blog posts through March 4 doing about 6 posts today.

For lunch I made tuna fish salad sandwiches with tomato and lettuce.

The temperature reached 74 today. We went to the beach but it was a bit windy but we stayed out for a couple of  hours. The birds seem to be coming back slowly. The willets were in a flock and the terns numbered about 24 or more. One lone skimmer was with the willets. We also saw several sanderlings, black bellied plovers, and ruddy turnstones. We think we saw what may be red knots but not definite.


For dinner, we went from lobster last night to hot dogs tonight. Al enjoys Hebrew National brand all beef hot dogs and we found them at the grocery and I "permitted" him to buy them.  It is not a food I let him eat often but if he is a "good boy", I will allow them once in a while.  He grilled the dogs and we served on buns with homemade potato salad.  It was a picnic like meal but it was too cold to eat outside. Looking for warmer weather tomorrow and the rest of the week.

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