Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 18 on Captiva

Sunset from Tuesday evening. First really nice one of our trip.....most evenings have been cloudy or foggy. Beach was windy today.....went out middle of day for couple hours...almost had to ourselves. Took late drive through DDWR... saw large flock of what we think was Red Knots.....were resting on an island and then they flew away as an entire flock all at once. Beautiful sight!
Decided to go to Lazy Flamingo, a neighborhood bar and grill just across the pass.
What a fun place....was very busy....only 4 people working the place....the cook, 2 girls taking orders, and a guy who seemed to be manager. Was a long wait (45-60 min) for a table so we set at bar. No waiter for tables...customers order at bar and pick up drinks and food when name is called for order. Quite a show to watch....orders are attached to a clip sent to kitchen and fly on a wire to cook. Al ordered mesquite grilled ribs that fell off the bone. Served with fries and slaw. I had fried grouper basket...crunchy and hot...with fries. Panko crust??
Best place to sit is the bar.

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