Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 19 on Captiva

Friday was on the cool side. Temperatures have taken another dip and will be cool next few days. High was only 65 but that is better than 6 degrees. We went to Bailey Tract for a walk but the area was closed. They did a conrol burn there on Thursday but it looks as if the fire may have got out of control! Most of the tract including palm trees appeared charred. DDWR is closed on Friday so we checked out eagle's nest near us but lighting was not conducive to a picture. We did see a hawk that made a good subject for this photo.

Cooked in Friday night. Menu was broiled lamb chops with balsamic reduction sauce-balsamic, garlic, fresh Rosemary, and honey-(Rachel Ray), caesar salad, and rice pilaf (my recipes). Yum yum!

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