Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 23 on Captiva

Today we went to Ft. Myers birding. First, I dragged Al to Estero Beach Lagoon located behind the Holiday Inn beyond Ft Myers Beach but only saw a few egrets and herons.....no skimmers or terns as expected. We then went to 6 mile Slough where we had a picnic lunch before walking the boardwalk. Was a fairly uneventful walk but enjoyed....saw great blue, cormorants, turtles on the platforms in water at entrance. Did see anhingas, ibis, green heron, alligator,mergansers and more turtles at Otter Pond. Spotted a yellow warbler in tree as were getting in car to leave.

Stopped at the Lighthouse Restaurant for manhattans,cosmos and calamri appetizer at their bar. Nice view of the marina and boats. Was nice ending to our day trip.

Dinner was pork chops coated with panko and Dijon mustard, rice and green salad with tomato. Was fun day! Sunny and warm.

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