Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 24 on Captiva

Wednesday was a very relaxing day. We had breakfast after Al's walk. Made scrambled eggs and steak (leftovers) with sliced tomatoes and toast. Spent most of the afternoon on the beach watching the pelicans diving for food. Tried to figure out a mystery regarding a small sailboat anchored near the beach. We watched two men row onto the shore and then back to the boat at which time one guy climbed the mast to lower the jib. Then they rowed back onto land at which time an officer approached them. One guy walked away and disappeared among the houses while the other guy talked with the officer. Then they walked away together heading toward the pass. The suspicious guy then returned alone and then walked through the houses out to the street. The sailboat had been moved and anchored farther north on Thursday. Were they illegals coming ashore, drug smugglers, or just sailors in distress?

We decided to eat early and left for Doc Ford's about 5:15. Good move since we were able to get a table before the crowd arrived. We shared oysters on the half shell. Al had Achoate Grilled Grouper seasoned with a blend of South American spices served with saffron rice mixed with mushrooms and broccoli, topped with pineapple salsa. I had Calamari salad of greens, cucumbers, tomatoes with Sweet and sour vinaigrette dressing topped with crispy wontons.

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