Thursday, March 17, 2011

Captiva Trip Ends

We were up very early Satuday morning and hit the road about 7:30am, 30 minutes past our planned time of departure. We stopped in Fort Myers at the Sun Harvest store for oranges and grapefruit....a bit of Florida sunshine to take home to Ohio.  We stopped at a rest area for a lunch of egg salad sandwiches that I had packed for the road. On the first day of driving, we were delayed for over an hour waiting for an accident to be cleared and  road construction slow downs and  therefore were on the road longer than we anticipated. We finally arrived at our first stopover about 9 PM. Even with that delay, we managed to make the trip home in 2 days ...we usually plan two overnight stops but decided to continue driving the second day and made it home by 7:45pm. We stopped at Menches Brothers, a local family restaraunt (the inventors of the hamburger)  for a late quick dinner since we had snacked on sandwiches and chips as we drove to save time.

We found everything in order at home and only saw a few patches of snow remaining on the ground. Our crocuses are in bloom and other bulbs are popping up.  We had great weather...sunshine and no precipitation on our drive the last 2 days.

Had a great stay in Captiva but glad to be home.  We spent Monday at home unpacking and sorting through 6 weeks of mail.   I posted the final days of our trip on Wednesday and Thursday.  I never finished our blog recording our 2010 trip....maybe some day I will sort out my notes and complete the diary for that trip. Who knows....but glad that I followed up with my diary this year. It is always fun to read to replay the memories and for planning next year's trip. Now, I will be editing all our pictures and hopefully be putting together a movie and /or slideshow of our trip.

I hope you have enjoyed our adventures and the "day to day" happenings if you have been following our "Captiva Days".  It's been fun having you along for the trip.

Thanks for stopping by and "so long" for now until next year's "Captiva Days"  return.
Theresa and Al

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