Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 34 Captiva

I spent some time surfing blogs this morning.  I won 2 blog candies that ended on March 1.  "Winner, winner, pants on fire!!!"  Think I should have bought a lottery ticket since I feel so lucky.  Spent more time writing on our Captiva blog.  Al was on the porch doing surveys and surfing the web.
We had a lunch of egg salad sandwiches and tomato soup. We headed to the beach about 2:30....was hot but clouds moved in and cooled it off a bit.  We saw several dolphins in the gulf .... they were much closer to the shore today.

I prepared a frozen PF Chang dinner -  Ginger Chicken with red peppers and broccoli and served over Jasmine rice and a side of green salad. These dinners are very good and easy to make.  Just enough for 2 servings. Have never been to a PF Chang restaurant but these are very good frozen dinners.

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Payne Holler Cards said...

lucky gal!congrats on the wins - did you see the huge prize package that Joan is having!!
love the pic of dolphins...feel like I'm almost on vacation with ya (-: I adore the beach...big sigh!
hope your back is feeling better