Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 40 Captiva

Another early drive through Ding Darling National Wildlife Drive but the tide was so high that there were not many birds along the drive. Water was too deep for feeding and the sand barges were almost covered. But whatever parts of the  islands or barges are still exposed were covered with shore birds.

Al still managed to get some interesting shots including these:
Believe these are horseshoe crabs hatching and
crawling out of the ground.
The ground near the shoreline were crawling with these crabs
which have  one claw that was very large.
Brown Pelican in Flight

Brown Pelican seems to be dancing in the air.

Osprey caught in an embarrassing moment
as he poops!  OOPS!
Al captured this Snowy Egret and his reflection.
Spent the afternoon on the beach.  Another lovely day....even hotter today! Al is  trying to finish the book I just finished ...Patricia Cromwell's "Port Mortuary"     we have been  reading at   the same time alternating who reads.

Stayed  in  tonight...made shrimp cocktails with drinks and then out to watch the sunset.
Prepared shrimp puttanesca with salad. Was trying to use ingredients that I still have.....marinara sauce, anchovies, capers,pasta, and that is what I came up with for dinner.  We  have this ritual that we try to use up everything in the kitchen before we leave.....makes for some interesting meals unless I buy the right items and right quantity.
Sunset to follow in another  post.   Stay Tuned

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