Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Day 33 on Captiva

Today we had "Free Play" time....that's when we have no plans and do whatever we want to do.   I spent my time editing some photos and posting on the blog.   Al spent time reading and relaxing on the porch.  We walked back to dock before lunch and found only a few birds.
 Great Blue Heron with Royal Terns
 Walk to the Dock
 Ibis in the Mangroves
For lunch we had sandwiches and salad made with leftover steak.   We then went to Bailey's for some provisions for dinner.....we seem to spend a lot of time planning our next meal.

We then drove through DDWR to see if the African Pelican was visiting today but no one had seen her but a lot of people were there hoping to spot the Great White Pelican.   At least we can say we were there at the same tine even if we have no photos. 
American White Pelicans  at DDNWR waiting for the African?
We stayed on the drive looking for the Special Bird for about an hour before giving up.  The afternoon was cloudy and we spend the afternoon inside reading.
For dinner Grill Master Al prepared Pompano filets on the grill and we served them simply with Lime Wedges along with Rice and Red Leaf Lettuce salad.   Dinner was great at the Pollack Café.

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