Sunday, March 13, 2016

Day Two of Drive Home

Al was up early at 5:00 am which was really 4:00 because of the change for DLS time.   We had left a wake up call for 5:00 but they forgot about DLS change so we got our call at 6:00.  Luckily Al was awake so we were awake at the time that we wanted to be.  But I did not get out of bed until 6:00 anyway.  We ate breakfast in the lobby.  We had scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, muffins, juice and coffee. The area was packed but we arrived just in time to  get a table.

We were on our way about 8:00 am to I-26 and then onto I-77N  for the remainder of the drive.  Again we had a lot of traffic and the slow downs were more frequent and longer than yesterday.  The area surrounding Charlotte was the worst congestion of the entire trip.  Also we had rain most of the drive with heavy fog in some spots.  No sun today!  We arrived home at 7:00 pm making it another 11 hour journey that should have been about 9 hours and 15 minutes. We were glad to be home safe and sound.  
We stopped at Kentucky Fried Chicken for some dinner---not as good as Calabash Chicken at FATZ. But it was better than cooking!

Note: This could have been us on I-77 N but we made it home safely.
In the news- "Today (3-13-16) , there was a pileup on I-40 in North Carolina.  Blinding sun, rain and rubbernecking were blamed for a chain of accidents involving almost 100 vehicles along a stretch of interstate in North Carolina on Sunday evening, injuring at least 20 people and delaying travel late into the night. "

The end of another great stay on Captiva Island.   Next year we are planning to stay at the Cottage instead of the guest house.

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