Friday, March 11, 2016

Day 42 on Captiva

Today is our last day on the island.  I took a last morning walk on the beach and found a couple of crows making themselves at home at this beach setup of the "yellow brigade".  Also waiting for me was the pair of Bald Eagles in the Australian Pines.

A last look at the beach early in the morning before the birds and people arrive...

We then loaded some of our belongings in the car before the temperature got hot.
After a lunch of sandwiches we spent our final afternoon on the island at the beach.
It was a warm sunny beautiful day just made for relaxing with the shore birds.
One of the Eagles came back to the tree to say good-bye!
For our last meal on the island we went to Lazy Flamingo about 5:30 which was very busy except at the bar where we sat.  Of course, we ordered Oysters on the Half Shell.  Al had Fried Oyster Basket with fries served with cocktail sauce and lemon and I had Caesar Salad with Mesquite-Grilled Grouper, served with Flamingo Garlic Bread.  Excellent dinner!  We shared each other's food so we had the best of everything. The place was very busy by the time we left with people arriving after viewing the sunset.
The car was now all loaded except for toiletry bags and our cooler with tomorrow's lunch and food for the trip.  So now for a good night's sleep before our 2 day journey home.

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