Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 12 on Captiva

Wed, Feb 13
Sanibel Massage TherapyThis morning, Al had a massage therapy in Sanibel with Charlene Black at 10am and I stayed to work on some cards and finish some Valentine cards.  He picked up the book that he ordered and also shopped for Valentine's dinner.  We prefer making our own Valentine's dinner because of all the crowds in the restaurants here that night.  We used to make reservations and get all dressed up but it became such a hectic dinner....we always had to wait for our table even with reservations and the service and food suffered from the hectic conditions.
Today started off a bit cloudy but the sun was back for the afternoon. I prepared lunch of chicken soup (can) and grilled cheese sandwiches. We went to the beach for awhile.....tide was coming in.  There seem to be more birds at the beach....seeing more flocks of willets and there were Royal and Sandwich Terns yesterday.

While on the beach we saw an eagle land in the Australian Pines behind us and he sat there for the longest.  Luckily I had my camera. We were told by the people staying in the house there that he sits by the back of their rented house every morn around 7. We assume this is the eagle with a nest and 2 chicks across the street that we have visited.

Early dinner tonight...we went to Lazy Flamingo and wanted to go early before the after sunset crowd arrives. We sat at our fave seats at the bar. I ordered Caesar Salad with garlic toast and Al had fried oysters with fries and we shared the meals.

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