Saturday, February 9, 2013

Day 8 on Captiva

Sat, Feb 9
Edited to include sunset photos.

This morning we drove into Sanibel for brunch at Sanibel Cafe, one of my fave breakfast/brunch spots. I ordered the tuna salad with tomato that is served with fruit (melon, grapes and blueberries ) and muffin.  Al nearly always has the lox and bagel platter with tomatoes, onion, capers and cream cheese.  All the tables are filled with seashell displays.The tables each have their own unique arrangement of fossilized seashells. Every shell was hand-picked by the artist, Sue Stephens, from fossil pits around Florida. They date back to the Miocene and Pliocene Eras of the Ice Ages – making them 1.8 to 24 millions of years old – and reflect the many times that the area was submerged beneath glaciations.

We then window shopped around the Tahitian Garden plaza. Then we went to the Sanibel Bookshop for Al to buy Stuart Woods' Collateral Damage which they had to order since they had sold out. We stopped by our fave shoe store Comfort by Design at Limetree only to find it closed.  We always enjoyed seeing Heidi Thibauj there.  We then stopped at H2O Outfitters ....saw our friend Wanda ....Al bought a new Tommy Bahama shirt with wine bottles on the back.  Then to Jerry's for a few grocery items including provisions for dinner. 
  Tonight, Al grilled hamburgers that were very good.....served with all the trimmings and potato salad from the deli.  It has been awhile since we had grilled burgers cooked outside with that smokey taste.
Photos from the sunset tonight:

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