Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 4 on Captiva

Tues, Feb 5
This morning was slow going again. After coffee and pastries, I made a card and posted for several challenges. After a brunch of scrambled eggs, leftover steak, and toast with orange juice, we took a walk to the beach.....not many people there...we almost have all the sand to ourselves. The temp is in the hi 70's headed to 80.  We then headed to the bay side where we set and watched the birds....a great spot for birding.  We saw a lot of willets, gulls, white and brown pelicans, osprey fishing, great blues, egrets, snowy egrets, kingfisher and more. A surprise bird that we saw was a thick billed murre swimming by....yes we know that is an arctic bird  but we almost certain that is what it was. We check the books against a blurry photo that I shot and we almost certain even though someone asked if we had been drinking when we told them that we had spotted a murre.
What do you think this is?
This photo was made from a distance and then was cropped from the picture.

If you read our Captiva blogs, you know we enjoy eating good food and we sometimes make your mouth water reading our menus. Well, that was not the case with dinner tonight.  We had the worst meal of our times on the island....and we cooked it.   Al grilled a steak that was too tough to chew....but he had cooked it perfectly medium rare....it was just a bad piece of meat.....not to buy steaks at P.....  any more.  I made baked potatoes that were over cooked in the microwave......you have to understand that I do not cook with a microwave....do not like those ovens. I read how long to cook the poor potatoes but I executed them......were great side for the steak.....were not edible at all.  That left us with sauteed mushrooms and salad and a bottle of wine for dinner.....guess you might say we drank our dinner.  I did not even have a dessert to offer.  Glad we did not have guests for dinner......would have headed to the nearest restaurant.

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