Thursday, February 7, 2013

Day 6 on Captiva

We began the day with our usual coffee and biscotti.  I worked on a card for some challenges and Al spent time on the computer. I made B.L.T's for lunch on the porch. We then headed for the beach was the quietest time we have spent there...not even a gull was making a noise. Only one couple there but several people walking by.  This is the fewest birds that we have ever seen on the beach. Around 4:00 we walked down to the eagle's nest located near us but I cannot divulge the actual location since it on private property that we have permission to visit.  The nest has 2 chicks who are a pretty good size which you can see in the pics.

The eagle's nest was the highlight of our day.
For dinner, we enjoyed leftover chili served over pasta with salad and warm honey wheat bread (leftover from Timbers).

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