Monday, March 6, 2017

Day 30 on Captiva

Cool morning on the porch.  I left Al sitting there and came inside for my coffee today.  I sat at the kitchen counter and posted blog entries.  I am now completely caught up to date after having my new computer.  I have edited and resized a lot of photos too this morning.  Al has been busy on his computer.
For this cool day, I made Matzo Ball soup for lunch and served with Chicken Sandwiches on the porch after it warmed up.  We went out to the pool for the afternoon.....the winds ripped off part of the gazebo cover that had already started to wear from the hot sun.  Margarethe already planned to replace so it was not a bad thing.

We went to Timbers Restaurant and Fish Market for dinner......we have been going here since the first we came to Captiva.  The restaurant has changed décor over the years but has basically the same menu except the prices. 
Al ordered 3+3 Appetizer-3 Oyster Rockefeller and 3 Clams Casino and Fried Oysters with salad, sweet potato, and sautéed vegetables.   I had Triple Shrimp platter with Scampi, Baked Shrimp. and Crunchy Shrimp  with clam chowder and sweet potato. Delicious honey bread was served with our dinner.  
They have a nice selection of fresh seafood in the market and we bought some yellowtail snapper for Tuesday's dinner.  This a very busy place but they do have call ahead seating so we did not have to wait for a booth.....just allow 30 minutes to call ahead.

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