Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Day 38 on Captiva

Not much to note today.

Our Captiva stay seems to be ending on a cool note.  It was too cool for the pool and beach today so I began to organize and pack for the return home.  For brunch I made a frittata with last night's leftover pasta and served with rye toast and orange juice.  We both spent time reading and planning our drive home.

After an uneventful day,  I cooked dinner-crunchy chicken breasts, fried okra, green salad and hot rolls.  Even the eagles were quiet today.

The weather at home in Ohio has been frightful....very cold and snowy.  The eastern part of the country has been hit with some of the  worse weather of the winter.  Even Tennessee has had snow and very cold temperatures.  Hope it will be over by the time we get home on Monday.

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