Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 32 on Captiva

Day with the Eagles
Early morning with coffee and then a quick walk for me. People are already gathering on the beach but no bird activity.  I did make some photos of the eagle nest.  One adult and one of the chicks were showing in the nest.

I worked on my blog and then we had an early lunch of tuna fish salad and sandwich with iced tea at the pool while we watched the eagles.  There was a lot movement and changing of places by all the family.
Both adults and one chick

Closer look at the adults and one chick

2 Adults
2 in the nest and one on a limb

This chick looks about ready to fledge
We spent the afternoon at the pool enjoying the beautiful day and the new gazebo cover.
Dinner was panko crusted chicken breasts with stuffing and gravy(leftovers)  and Caprese salad.

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