Monday, March 19, 2018


On the way home today.  We were up about 6:30, dressed, packed, and ate breakfast of bagels and cream cheese with coffee and cranberry juice in hotel lobby.
We were on our way for the 500 mile drive home about 8:00 am.  The weather was a little cloudy but no rain on the drive home.  Traffic went smoothly even though there was some road construction.  Stopped in Cincinnati for cigarettes, lunch at MacDonald's and gas.  Lots of construction through Columbus but we luckily missed the rush hour traffic.  We arrived home about 5:30... no snow on the ground but more on the way Wednesday.
Great stay in ever weather....great birding even though there were not many shorebirds but the brown pelicans in the gulf made up for that.  Shells were missing on the beach but I have enough shells at home.  Enjoyed our meals at Lazy Flamingo, Sunset Grill, Sanibel Café, Jerry's, Over Easy, Doc Ford's, Timbers,  and The Mad Hatter.  Relaxing times at the pool and beach will be missed.  Highlights of our trip were the thousands of brown pelicans in the gulf,  pods of dolphins, eagles in the nest, visit from the Cullens, and visits with family.

End of 2018 Captiva trip. Safe return to home.

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