Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 30 on Captiva

Today is a bit cold.....a good day to stay in and for  Al to learn to use his phone.  We started the day making coffee in the new Kurigs Coffee maker that Margarethe dropped over last week....just what Al  has been wishing that we would have here.  He even thought of bringing ours and I said NO.    We stocked up on K- cups last night.  
We finally got the Sim card installed correctly and inserted the media card from the old phone yesterday but have not transferred his contacts. The phone is now activated, up and working.  Al has a hard time navigating from the different screens and still is ready to give up. 
I made him...yes made some of  the Blackberry tutorials online to learn to maneuver the screen going from apps and to different pages to get adjusted to using .  We watched some videos and then stopped for lunch and  back to watch more.  He did find his contacts and backup at Verrizon and has them downloaded......feeling more like his phone.

After a hard day at learning the phone,  Al grilled great scallops which we enjoyed with pasta and salad with wine.   Too cool and breezy for the beach today.
 New Phone

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