Sunday, March 16, 2014

Trip Home from Captiva- Day 2

This morning we arose early around 5:30 to begin the final leg home.  We had a quick breakfast in the lobby....nothing to write about....typical motel lobby breakfast.  The weather is cool and rainy this am.  The drive begins on I-26 for 26 miles and then is on I-77 all the way home.  The distance to cover today is 600 miles and should take about 9 hours.   I had packed our lunch again and we did not have to stop to eat,  saving time.

We started out in fog and rain which turned into snow and ice near Charleston, WV and lasted  about an hour of the drive (And I was at the wheel for this hour).  It then cleared off around Parkersburg and was smooth driving the rest of the way.

We stopped at Old Carolina Barbeque Company for a carryout of  pulled pork sandwiches with sides of baked beans and coleslaw  before driving home.   Guess that drive through all that barbeque country in SC and NC made us crave some BBQ.

After eating, we unloaded the car,  mostly done by Al.  We found everything at home in good shape thanks to our neighbors, Mike and Pam, and no snow on the ground but cold.

This concludes my coverage of our Captiva Trip for 2014 but  I'll be back next year to cover the next trip.  For those who follow our blog, I hope you enjoyed our adventure and even some of the boring details that I cover.  Thanks for following along.

Goodbye until next year.
 Crocus-First Signs of Spring at Home

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