Friday, March 14, 2014

Day 41 on Captiva

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Today is the last day of our 6 week stay.  The time has gone so is hard to believe we head home tomorrow.  I finished planning our route home and printed out the directions.  I finished packing the kitchen items except for cold items and food for the trip. 

Choppy Surf
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This was another lovely day.....perfect for our last day.  After lunch we headed to the beach which was a bit choppy and windy but very warm!  We enjoyed our last afternoon watching for dolphins and enjoying the surf and sand.

Surf's Up!

Pelican Swimming Up Close to the  Shore in Choppy Waves

Tonight we returned to Lazy Flamingo for our Last Meal.  We walked over.....just a short walk across the Blind Pass Bridge. This photo made from the bridge shows the bay and the back of the house of the owner of our vacation home.
It was a busy night at the LF with all the tables filled and a waiting list.   We managed to get seats at the bar after a short wait.  We started with our usual dozen oysters on the half shell.  Al ordered fried grouper with Caesar salad and I had the fried oysters basket with fries.  We enjoyed sharing the dinners and Blue Moon Beers.   A nice finish to a great 6 weeks.

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