Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Day 31 on Captiva

Today Al and I watched more of the Blackberry tutorials how to navigate the Z30 model.  He is becoming more comfortable and confidant using the new model and has "almost" decided that it is a keeper.   He can use to listen to his radio stations, take pictures, and has re-downloaded a lot of the apps that he uses.  After a lunch of sandwiches, we spent the afternoon at the beach, Al with his new phone.  It was a beautiful day at gulf side.
There was a lot to see on the beach today.....willets, sailboats, speed boats, and a drone?

For dinner tonight  we tried a fish purchased at the Farmer's Market that we had never eaten....triple tail, a Florida fish that is very meaty and we think is even better than grouper.  We pan roasted the fish and served with a lemon butter sauce.  We had fresh asparagus, another tomato/mozzarella caprese salad and hot rolls.  We both really enjoyed this delicious fish described as the tenderloin of seafood.

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