Friday, February 14, 2014

Day 13 on Captiva

Today is Valentine's Day!
A tradition that we do on Valentine's Day is to hide cards for each other throughout the house throughout the the coffee pot, next to toothpaste, under the napkin at lunch, under the place mat on the dinner table, in a book, etc. You get the picture!  Al buys me the most beautiful and creative cards each year and of course I hand make him cards.  He spends careful thought in selecting the cards that he knows will give me inspiration for my designs.

Cards from Al

Cards made for Al
Close up on the felt envelope that came with one of the cards.
Since it was a cloudy and cool day we decided to check out some of the shops at Periwinkle  Shops after having lunch of chicken salad sandwiches made from last night's extra chicken that we cooked.
At the shops I bought a new leather belt for Al ....he needed one that fits better....must be losing some weight.  He bought me a new nightshirt perfect for sleeping on the Island.

 We are staying home for dinner this evening since the restaurants are a bit busy with it being Valentine's and the start of Presidents' Day weekend.  I served an appetizer of  Caprese salad  made with fresh mozzarella cheese from the Farmer's Market, fresh basil leaves, and tomato slices drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Was very yummy.
Al, master of the grill, prepared delicious tenderloin steaks and grilled potatoes served with mushroom sauce and arugula salad with red onion rings and sliced radishes.  We enjoyed with a
 special bottle of wine.  Dessert of  Tiramisu  from the bakery followed our special dinner.

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