Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 5 on Captiva

Thurs, Feb 6, 2013

Today we received an email from our neighbor, Mike, who sent us a photo of our house shown below.  I think he wanted us to know what we were missing at home in Ohio.  Thanks, Mike, for clearing the driveway!  Sorry you are not enjoying the 80 degree temperature that we have here.
Today began with out usual coffee and muffins.  It seems a bit overcast but the sun pops out every now and then.  We had planned to spend the day at the beach but changed that agenda.  I spent most of the day writing posts on this blog recapturing the events of the last 6 days and editing some of the photos that we have taken.
For lunch, I served turkey sandwiches with avocado, tomato, and lettuce with chips for lunch on the porch.  My version of a turkey club sandwich.  Love it when avocados are the perfect stage of ripeness.  Al spent the afternoon picking horses for next Monday's  harness races at Northfield Park.  He enjoys watching the races online when he is away from home.  So Monday night becomes Night at the Races.
We walked out to the beach for the sunset but were disappointed to find  a big black cloud rolling in that covered the sun,   Temperature has dropped and looks to be a cool evening.
Dinner at home.  We enjoyed grilled chicken in a Marsala sauce with crimini mushrooms, green beans and roasted redskin potatoes served with mixed green salad and tomatoes and avocado.
Tonight we watched the last Jay Leno show.....the end of a 22 year run of late night TV.
PS: I did not cook....dinner was Bertolli frozen meal for 2. Please do not ask for the recipe.

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