Friday, February 28, 2014

Day 27 on Captiva

Yesterday, Al's phone would not open...the screen seems not to be working so it is time to buy a new one?  After talking with a technician it seems that we will not be able to fix it.  We had early coffee and pastries and headed to a Verizon store in Ft Myers to see if we could get it working or buy a new phone.  Jack and Loy stayed at the house and cooked breakfast for themselves while we headed in search of a Verizon store which opened at 9:00.  The store did not have the model that he wanted and he looked at some other phones.  We had lunch at Chick fil A while Al studied his options of what to do and decided to order the Blackberry phone. Al decided after much consideration to buy a new Blackberry Z30 which had to be shipped to him as the stores in Florida did not stock the model that he selected.  The phone was to be delivered on Saturday.  The plan was to come back to the store and have them download with contacts, etc
.Photo 13620 Tamiami Trail Ft Myers Fl

On the drive back, we stopped at Bailey's for fresh shrimp for dinner tonight.  It was about 3:00 when we got back to Captiva but we spent a bit of time at the beach.  For dinner we grilled the shrimp after marinating in oil with lemon and garlic. Served Sweet Thai chili sauce with the shrimp.   Served with grits and arugula salad and rolls. Dessert was Tiramisu from Bailey's Bakery.

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