Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 29 on Captiva

It is early here on Captiva on Sunday morning, 7:00 AM to be exact as I write.  I was up early to head out to the beach after a night of high winds to collect shells at low tide.  But just as I opened the screen to exit the porch, it began to  rain in downpours and is still going strong 30 minutes later.  So here I sit with my coffee in hand  writing on my diary.   For those who are following our adventures on this tropical paradise, I apologize for not posting for the last week but my sister, Cecilia, has been here from Tennessee and what a great week we time for computers when we are together!  This is the first time in several years that we have been together for more than a couple days and it was wonderful just being with each other for a whole week. At times this week, I am sure Al has felt left out of our chatter and girl stuff.  But we three spent most of our time laughing and just enjoying being together.  A happy week for all!

I plan to back track and catch up on posting entries for the missing days.  Check back for earlier events.
After spending time posting on the diary, the rain finally stopped and we went to the Farmer's Market. It was very windy and the merchants were holding their tents to keep them from blowing away.  Despite the heavy rain earlier, all the merchants were set up for business.  We purchased fresh ciabatta bread, tomatoes (can't get enough of these fresh ones), and a bouquet.
We stopped at Sanibel Cafe for brunch - shrimp quiche for me and French Toast for Al. Great as always even with a 20 minute wait for a table.  The rest of our day was spent inside because the wind has reached about 30 mph....I checked out on the beach and the waves were even too strong for the surfers but one guy was doing sail surfing. The beach was empty.

 The internet connection was knocked out for the rest of the day.....Al was lost but he had his Blackberry to check for email and send messages.  I worked offline to do some picture editing and writing for this blog.

For dinner,  Al roasted a chicken with lemons and onions and I made roasted asparagus and buttered noodles with ciabatta bread.  He makes the bestest chicken! And the best part is we have leftovers for tomorrow.  We enjoyed our evening inside watching some TV and falling asleep on the couch.

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Payne Holler Cards said...

what a blessing to have been able to spend time with your sister..I'm betting Al was glad to see you so happy (-: