Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 35 on the Beach on Captiva

What a glorious morning on Captiva today.   I walked out to the beach about 45 minutes after sunrise....a bit later than on the last few mornings that I walked on the beach but I was greeted by a beautiful sky with the moon appearing above the gulf.  Another beautiful day created by God for all to enjoy. I am so blessed to be here in paradise.
The pelicans were flying in formation to report to the beach for their day of feeding and riding on the waves and to entertain all the beachcombers.
I enjoyed seeing the moon still in the sky as the sunshine filled the world with light.
Two Great Blue Herons were stalking their territories on the beach but would they be able to share the beach with each other?  These birds are very territorial and I did not know which bird had the beach rights to this area.   The one standing up tall and stretched to  his great height or the other one that hunkered down ready to show his full size........

But then another bird appeared on the that I had never seen on this beach at Captiva Island......... Eagle had landed on the shore ready to claim a fish from the gulf for his breakfast. This was quite a sight because in all my years on the island, I had never observed an eagle land on the beach.

The Eagle had caught a fish and was eating as the Great Blues watched and came in closer to
see who was invading their territory.

The Great Blues then resumed their territroial flight and began to chase each other off the beach.
The eagle then gave flight......
.... and landed in a nearby Autralian pine tree .....

What a great time I had watching these events unfold on the beach on this wonderful morning!

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Betty Benton said...

Theresa, I felt like I was right there with you. Thanks for sharing your pictures and the commentary -- so glad you were blessed by seeing that eagle. How thrilling.