Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 36 on Captiva

We lost an hour today with the Time Change....instead of the sun rising about 6:30,  it now rises at 7:30. I always have trouble adjusting to this change. After coffee and bagels we drove to the Farmer's Market early in order to buy mussels before they sold out but the stand did not have any to sell. Well so much for that plan! I am sharing some pictures of the flower vendor where we have bought flowers every weekend. This week I bought a bouquet of pink tulips....thinking about spring and blooms tocome.  Have you ever seen blue orchids?....never have I.

Blue orchids???
We then went to the Bailey Tract for a walk. We saw a glorious sight of a large  migrating flock of Tree Swallows feeding on berries from a bayberry bush. I tried to capture their movement in this video:
Other pictures from our walk:

Tree Swallow Flock

Tree Swallows Feeding on Bayberry Bush

Pied-billed Grebe

Baby Alligator
For lunch we grilled ham and cheese with Tomato with Basil Soup.
For dinner, I prepared one of Al's faves - Shrimp Puttanesca that I have described in previous posts.

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