Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 30 on Captiva

After the high wind and waves yesterday and low tide early today, I knew this had to be a great day to look for shells and it was!  I was on the beach by daybreak bundled up as it was on the cool side and still a bit windy. To name a few of the shells, I found olives, angel wings, whelks, figs, fighting conchs, a star fish, tulips, murex, augers, and of course the beautiful calico scallops in many colors. My favorite find was a large whole sunray clam shell. I spent about 2 hours picking up shells always looking for the convetted junonia which I have only found once.

Al was busy on the porch catching up after a day of being without internet connection.  After lunch of soup and sandwiches,  we spent time on the beach.  It had warmed up to low 80's and the wind had calmed down to a nice tropical breeze.  It was exciting to see a flock of Black Skimmers with a couple of Royal Terns on the beach.  Usually to see the Black Skimmers in numbers, we have to go to Bunche Beach in Ft. Myers.  They worked their way down the shore until they were out of sight.
Closeup of   Black Skimmers

Was a beautiful afternoon on the beach and we were almost the only ones here.....a very quiet day.

Tonight I made a baked Chicken Tetrazzini with leftover chicken and mushrooms....I added Parmesan cheese and  stuffed green olives for extra flavor, color, and texture.  Served with green salads and wine.

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