Sunday, March 1, 2015

Day 30 on Captiva

Today begins  our last 2 weeks here on Captiva!  Time has gone so fast.  It has been a good time to be here since we have had the worst winter of snow and cold temperatures back home.

We went to the Farmers' Market in Sanibel early and parked in the theater parking lot since the library lot was full.  We bought our usual produce- tomatoes, lettuce, red pepper, radishes, strawberries and some scallops and triple tail fish at the seafood booth.  We also bought a bouquet of Yellow Spider Mums.....wanted some  alstroemeria but did not have.

We stopped for breakfast at Sanibel café and to our surprise, they were not busy at all, not like the usual Sunday morning crowd.  Al ordered the  Café Sampler  Two eggs, two slices of bacon and two pancakes (sorry, no substitutions) but they let him substitute sausage for bacon.   I had Salmon with Cheese and Onion Quiche of the day with parmesan tomatoes ....the quiche was a bit overcooked.
We made a quick stop at DDWR and took a short walk out on the Indigo Trail just to the Observation Tower.  I was hoping to see the Mangrove Cuckoo again but no such luck.   We did see a Tri-colored Heron and a pair of  Blue-winged teals feeding.  I think they were the same ones we saw on a earlier trip.
Scene from Observation Tower


We spent a couple hours at the beach in the afternoon....
perfect sunny weather  with a cool tropical breeze.
Al grilled some delicious Scallops and I served with lemon orzo and caprese salad. 
We enjoyed with glasses of wine.  Al even took a photo of dinner to share.

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