Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Day 32 on Captiva

Today began early with coffee and a plan to go to DDWR around 9:30 because there is a low tide about that time. It is another perfect day for birding with warm temperatures and a sunny sky.  We saw the usual birds including the many White Pelicans, Ibis, Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets, and so on. But we still have not seen any Yellow-Crowned, Black- Crowned or Green Herons which are some of our faves at DDWR.

Al loves to photograph the White Pelicans as they come in and land on an island ....
this is their daily routine.


We took a walk on the Wulfert KeysTrail which we had always driven by before but decide it was time to check out.


End of the Trail is an Overlook

View that is seen at the end of the trail
After our DDWR Trip, we stopped at Lazy Flamingo for a lunch of Fresh Oysters on the half shell....very refreshing after being on the trail.  We also shared a chicken tenders sandwich with fries.  Lunch is a great time to eat here as it is not busy and we had great, quick service.
We spent the afternoon on the beach which was very quiet...not many birds or people.  A great time to rest, relax and read.
For a easy and light dinner, Al grilled chicken breasts and I served them on a bed of arugula and salad fixin's  including fresh strawberries.   We did not need much dinner after a larger lunch that we usually have.

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