Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 34 on Captiva

Today is another beautiful day on the Island.  I caught up this morning with the blog posts and am back to real time posting rather than backdating them.   We continue to have beautiful weather and in the hi 70's.  While I have been writing, Al has been finishing his picks for tonight's Northfield races ...hoping they are not cancelled again.  Al went to Timbers Fish Market  after 11:00 to buy mussels for dinner and some shrimp.  When he returned,  I served lunch on the porch.  We had Turkey Sandwiches and Fruit Salad with Cottage Cheese  made with fresh strawberries and pears served with tall glasses of refreshing Iced Tea.

Then off to the on the video below to experience a bit of the beach and birds:

Photos of birds on the beach:

After the beach, we enjoyed Gin 'n' Tonics with shrimp cocktails on the porch.   I prepared Steamed Mussels with a Light Italian Sauce ( Old recipe by Jeff Smith)  and served with Arugula salad and rolls with Wine.  The mussels were the largest that we have ever seen ...the size of large oysters and very succulent.  Al watched the races and made a few hundred dollars on his wagers.

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