Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Day 40 on Captiva

This morning we drove over to Fort Myers and had the car washed ....Al had a free inside and outside wash at 1st Class Car Center on Gladiolus Drive .
We stopped at Publix's for a steak for dinner and a few other items and bought some citrus at Sun Harvest.  We were back home about noon and had chicken roll-ups with tomato wedges on the porch.  We headed to the beach  for a couple hours of reading and resting in the sun. 
The willets were joined by some ruddy turnstones and a couple of terns on the beach.   A pod of dolphins swam by very close to the shore....must have been 7-8 traveling together. 

For dinner, Al grilled steak and I prepared a sauce of mushrooms with onions and red pepper, fried corn  and  Arugula, Strawberry salad.  Enjoyed with glasses of wine.

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