Saturday, March 7, 2015

Day 36 on Captiva

Another beautiful day began with coffee and pastries.  The day started a bit overcast but soon turned to sunny skies.  For lunch,  I made Mussels Sandwiches on Ciabatta Rolls..  I added some onion, capers, diced red pepper, mayo, and cocktail sauce with arugula to leftover mussels  and served with chips and iced tea.

We spent the afternoon on the beach with more than 100 Willets lined up directly in front of us on the shore line.  It was fun watching them feeding in the surf and avoiding the passing walkers.  I do not think we have ever seen so many willets congregated on the beach.  Another group of smaller shorebirds (unable to ID)  also with long bills joined them for a short time flying in and leaving as a united group.   Again we spotted some dolphins swimming by as we relaxed in the sun.

After leaving the willets we enjoyed drinks on the porch and hoped to go back to the beach for the sunset but it clouded up preventing  a sunset view.   We have had a lot of cloudy sunsets this season.

For dinner I prepared shrimp puttanesca  with linguini and served with salad and rolls and of course glasses of wine.  This is one of Al's Favorites.

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