Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 31 on Captiva

Monday is massage day for Al.  While he was away, I tried to catch up with posts for the last several days as I got away from my daily routine of posting one day at a time.  I think I was able to recapture each days event with most details.  As I write this,  it is actually Thursday, March 5, so I am almost back to real time.

I had tuna salad sandwiches waiting for Al when he got home about noon.....he did some shopping at Jerry's after his massage.  We lunched on the porch with Iced Tea .... it was a beautiful day...perfect for the beach.  We enjoyed reading, watching the birds, and seeing a show by some parachuters.

Parachuters  take to the sky.

 More to be continued on another post about tonight's Sunset. Stay tuned.

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