Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day 41 on Captiva

Thursday morning-another beautiful sunrise:

Today we took our coffee to the dock on the bay and watched another beautiful sunrise at 7:45. I spotted a yellow-crowned Night Heron  in the mangroves by the dock but missed getting a photo.
We enjoyed seeing several birds welcoming the sunrise and these are some of their photos:


These are photos made by Al of the sunrise:

We then drove to Ding Darling to check out the birds there.  Since it was not low tide, we did not know if we would spot many birds.  Instead of the White Pelicans sitting in groups, we find them swimming and feeding all spread out.

Other birds we saw on the drive:

Since this is post is loaded with so many photos, I will continue Day 41 in another post.
Note:I am actually writing this post on March 20 to complete my diary of  all the days of this trip.

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