Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 11 on Captiva

Note: I am behind with my daily posts...have not written for the last week.  I do post date my entries so that are in chronological is actually Feb 21 but this will be dated Feb 15 when I post.

Today is sunny and warm already in the hi 70's. Al walked and afterwards we had breakfast on the porch.  I made eggs with leftover filet from last night and served with grapefruit grown on the property.  Enjoyed a restful day on the beach.

For dinner, we went to Doc Ford's and began with oysters on the half shell.  I had Captiva Crabcakes- pan-fried beach-style, served with Jicama cole slaw and finished with a Key lime butter sauce.  Al had Pankpo fried shrimp- crispy fried with french fries and cole slaw.

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