Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 14 on Captiva

Today we attended the Arts and Crafts Fair  in Sanibel....over 100 vendors of art, pottery, jewerly, and more exhibited their wares. We bought some pottery to match some pieces that we bought last year from Carol Kohnke of St.Petersburg. We also purchased an etching of a Kingfisher by Bob Lafferandre from Port St. Lucie.  The show this year seemed to have more and much better artists than last year. 


We then had a late lunch at Doc Ford's having fried calamari served with a tangy cocktail sauce  and     fresh fried grouper sandwich served with tartar sauce on a whole wheat bun  and fries.

Since we had such a late lunch, we had a light dinner - I cooked a frozen dinner of Bertolli's Pasta with Shrimp.

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Betty Benton said...

Don't you just love art fairs? We missed a good one recently because the weather was so rainy, windy and cold that I didn't want to chance getting sick. I'm sure there's another one down the road I can get to!