Saturday, February 11, 2012

Day 7 on Captiva

It is a rainy, cool and cloudy day on the island but it is wonderful here compared to the 2-4 inches of snow back at home in Ohio.  And there is more snow on the way!  We had planned to go birding this morning but decided to stay in. Doing our things on the computer and staying dry. After lunch, we decided this is a good day to do shopping so we headed off to Periwinkle Shops were I bought 3  items of cotton clothing at Fresh Produce and some napkins. Then we were off to 3 Crafty Ladies, the only store on the islands with any type of crafting supplies but mostly for quilters.  I did find some solid card stock all stacked together in one tall stack....not the best way to merchandise. Bought some colors that I did not bring from my stash. What this store  could do to seek out card makers if they just added a little more stock and had a couple of card classes to get people interested?
We then went to Comfort by Design where Al ordered some new walking shoes and I bought sandals less 60%  from Heidi, the owner.  Then headed to Jerry's Shops where Al found a great shirt from Tori Richards at H2O Outfitters and some Sperry sandals which we purchased from Wanda whom we have known from years of shopping on  the islands.
Stopped at Jerry's for dinner provisions and headed back to the house.  It is still cloudy and getting even cooler. For dinner I prepared jambalaya (from a box mix) with andouille sausage...kind of a spicy dinner for a cool night. Enjoyed with a chopped salad and hot rolls.

About 9PM, Rene called to tell us there were some white pelicans feeding at the dock under the lights.So we hurried and  grabbed our coats and cameras and headed to the dock behind the main house.  We watched  3 white pelicans and a brown pelican as they swam back and forth feeding and tried, not so successfully to make some pictures. The best of the ones that I took are shown here:

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Betty Benton said...

Sounds like you had a productive shopping day! Glad you were able to get at least a couple of pics; aren't digital cameras great -- no developing, just delete the bad ones! We had some sunshine this afternoon -- hope it continues tomorrow!