Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 17 on Captiva

Tuesday began with early rise to a beautiful blue sky and warm temps. Enjoyed Al's coffee with pastries from Jerry's bakery.  I spent time catching up on posts to this diary and editing some photos. We had a late breakfast of eggs and ham with hot biscuits.  We spent a couple hours at the beach .....the waves have settled down to a gentle roar so no surfers are in sight today.  Several pelicans were feeding near the shoreline diving into what must have been  schools of fish swimming. The number of beachcombers had dwindled to just a few compared to yesterday's crowd here for President's Day.  I finished reading a third book today, "V is for Vengeance" by  Sue Grafton one of an alphabet series about an PI Kinsey Millhone.

Tonight we joined friends Mike and Helene for dinner at their club The Sanctuary. We spent the evening catching up on the past year and enjoying being together.  We enjoyed a great dinner at the club as always.  In case you are wondering, Al had Osso Bucco with risotto and I had King Salmon with couscous and spinach.
                           The Sanctuary

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