Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 12 on Captiva

Today was Thursday and Al had a 9:00 appointment for a massage...this really helps his injured shoulder. We went to Sanibel Cafe for breakfast which I have written about in earlier entries. Al ordered his regular  the bagel and lox platter.I ordered the quiche of the day which was a great seafood quiche. We did quick shopping at Jerry's and then made a drive through DDWR.

We did not see many birds since it is about 2:00 and most birds are in the cool of the trees. But we did see a lot of ibis feeding along the road and this alligator shown below. He is about 6 feet long.

Tonight, we returned to the Lazy Flamingo for more oysters on the half shell and dinner of Fried Oysters  and Mesquite Grilled Grouper with Caesar salad.

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Betty Benton said...

Love the picture of the Lazy Flamingo -- looks like a building we'd see around here!